Transcendent Graphic Design


VR, Graphic Design

Transcendent Graphic Design is an investigation into the currently unexplored convergence of graphic design and virtual reality. Completed within 18 days to be exhibited at the Central Saint Martins degree show it explores the potential of 3 posters as a representation of traditional graphic design output transcending into 3 respective abstract audiovisual experiences.

Film, art, porn, and gaming amongst others have all made the straightforward transition to virtual reality but what about graphic design? Future avatar based social gatherings in VR will have advertising just as the social media of today does, and so it is here that graphic design may begin to venture into the virtual space.

In collaboration with Kwan Chow.



Branding, App Design

An investigation into the traditional customer journey of a clubbing experience. This manifested itself in a complete brand package delivered primarily through an app. By looking at potential weak areas within the user journey and then reinforcing those touch points with new ideas, a more coherent and positive journey was created. The result was a feature rich app, poster series and range of dynamic logos.

Assorted Posters

2014 - Present

Print Design

Selection of various poster and cover designs.

Radio Artwork


Graphic Design

Assorted poster and show artwork for the various artists broadcasting across Radar Radio.

After-Internet Manual


Editorial Design

An ironic manual envisaging a future in which the Internet has ceased to exist. The content relying on the very thing it is replacing.

The manual takes aesthetic inspiration from early 90s typography and advertising, as well as internet browsers through the ages.

Help comes from the remarkable articles and how to deal with the five stages of grief in life post-Internet .